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Safeguarding Overview

The safeguarding section of the WRL website contains a wealth of information on the subject and we ask everyone involved in the sport in Wales to read through our policy and supporting literature. Just hover your mouse icon over the "Safeguard" heading above which can be seen on the top right of the page on the red banner above and a drop down box will appear. 

The Safeguarding Policy allows us to be suitably proactive and reactive on the matter. Our proactivity helps us to prevent issues from arising in the first place due to establishing good practices, systems and a strong culture on wellbeing and safety. This includes ensuring people have DBS checks (assessment of their criminal record), attend safeguarding courses, receive education and each club having a trained Child Welfare Officer (CWO). The reactive element to our policy empowers people in rugby league to know exactly what to do should anything arise. 

Every team should have a qualified coach, first aider and meet the adult to child ratio of 1:16, ensuring 2 adults are present for every session. All volunteers involved with the team should have DBS clearence, have had a suitable induction and to have attended a safeguarding course. All volunteers, parents, carers and players should know who the club's Club Welfare Officer is who will be transcending the WRL Safeguarding Policy through the club. Safeguarding is the collective responsibility of everyone.

Should anyone wish to raise an issue or ask questions then the first point of contact should be their Club Welfare Officer, who should be known by all players and staff at their respective club.

Should you wish to raise the matter centrally with Wales Rugby League then our lead officer on safeguarding is WRL National Development Manager Idris Evans 

Idris Evans 07869 626633. 

Any complaints on safeguarding matters should be addressed to Idris Evans. Complaints will be responded to within 7 days and dealt with within 3 to 6 weeks depending on their nature.  

The WRL Board member responsible for Safeguarding matters is WRL CEO Chris Thair. Should there be a conflict of interest with raising matters with Idris Evans or others, then please contact Chris Thair 07734598600