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Match officials are an essential part of the game of Rugby League. Whether it be refereeing the world cup final or an under 11s game once a month, the game would not function without match officials. 

The programme the RFL runs for match officials starts from the moment someone takes their first steps as an official and continues all the way until they are no longer involved in the game. 

Becoming a match official can give you a lot of opportunities. As well as the personal skills gained in control, communication and confidence, there are numerous rewards and  opportunities open to officials of all levels. Chances exist to be involved in high profile finals, international games and many other high profile fixtures. Every official gets the chance to be developed and all officials are supported to develop to the level they want to go to. 

Anyone wanting to become a match official must firstly attend one of the suite of courses offered. The most popular choice and the more traditional choice is the foundation course. The foundation course is run on frequent basis at various venues across the country and is open to anyone who wants to give officiating a go. In 2010 a new course was introduced in association with the Youth Sports Trust which is specifically targeted for delivery in schools. This course, which is called the Young Officials Course, is open to any school regardless of pupils experience within the game or of officiating and has proven to be well received. 

On the subject of schools there is also a specific course for teachers available, which gives a basic insight into the laws of Rugby League and their application within schools matches.

For the talented match officials there is an opportunity to access the pathway and become involved in officiating in professional games. To become a match official on the performance pathway officials need to be selected by showing talent at local level and then completing the RFL fitness test. Once involved in RFL games at academy level progression is then based on performance with future progressions involving Championship and ultimately Super League.


Match Officials are classified into one or more of the following grades:

Full Time Referees
Grade 1 Referees
Grade 2 Referees
Grade 3 Referees
Development Referees

Grade 1 Touch Judges


No sport would be able to go ahead without them.

So if you have the enthusiasm and ability to become an official Wales Rugby League Referee or Touch Judge, we want to hear from you.

Courses are run before each season, and through Wales Rugby League's Official's Board, you could be appointed to officiate at any of our Conference fixtures throughout South Wales during the summer.

Our courses are also recognised by the RFL, so by building up your experience and knowledge, and completing further courses, you could progress to a higher level of officiating at National League or even Super League level.

Email The Match Officials to register your interest.