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Managing Poor Practice

Managing Poor Practice Managing Poor Practice

If a Club Welfare Officer becomes aware of a disclosure of abuse or received concerns or allegations about coaches or volunteers the CWO should report this to the WRL Lead Safeguarding Officer.  The WRL Lead SO will report the issue to the Safeguarding Case Management Group (SCMG).


The SCMG will consider the initial report and decide whether this is a case which can be dealt with by the Club or whether it should be dealt with centrally.  If it has been decided that it can be dealt with at club level then the following procedures should be adopted.


A Disciplinary Panel should be convened which should consist of:


-        Three club members

-        None of whom should have been involved in reporting the case or have a conflict of interests (eg a close friend of the individual who is subject to allegations)

-        At least  one of whom should be a senior management member from the club

-        If the complaint relates to a coaching matter one member should have coaching experience


The person against whom the complaint has been made must be:


-        Informed of the nature of the complaint in writing

-        Provided with a copy of any report or other information which will be considered by the Panel

-        Be invited to attend the meeting which should be held at a convenient time for them;

-        Receive sufficient notice of the hearing;

-        Be given the opportunity to put their side of the story and call witnesses

-        Be allowed to hear or see evidence supporting the complaint, however minors should not be required to give evidence in person and can provide evidence in writing.  There may also be information which is confidential to the complainant or where the source has requested anonymity for fear of retribution. 


Temporary Suspension


It may be in the best interests of all parties and of resolving the issue if the individual concerned is temporarily suspended pending the conclusion of the matter. Temporary suspension is a neutral act and should not be used punitively.


When the Panel has reached a decision it must:


-        Inform the accused and put the decision in writing

-        Inform the WRL in writing

-        Make sure that its decision is carried out


Powers of a Club Disciplinary Committee


-        Warning as to future conduct

-        Temporary suspension

-        Coaching under supervision

-        Order the defendant to undertake the sports coach UK Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop

-        Order to defendant to attend a relevant RFL coaching course


The WRL is available to review cases and to provide a right of appeal where there has been a breach of procedure.


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