Wales Rugby League




Wed 15/03SRL
Havering SiVS.
Sir George

Wed 15/03NE1
Halifax ERAVS.
St Marys

Wed 15/03NE1
Leeds City 28
Hull FC Fou14

Wed 15/03NE2
Craven Coll52

Wed 15/03NE2
Leeds ColleVS.
Wyke 6th Fo

Wed 15/03NE2
Dons FoundaVS.
New College

Wed 15/03NW2
Cronton Col30
Salford Cit0

Wed 15/03NW2
Winstanley VS.
Wigan & Lei

Wed 15/03NW2
Cowley Sixt6
The Rugby L32

Wed 15/03NW2
Wigan Warri0
Runshaw Col30

Wed 15/03M2A

Wed 15/03SE1
St Marys A68

Wed 15/03SE1
Brighton Un

Wed 15/03N3B
York Univer24

Wed 15/03N2B
Leeds Becke46

Wed 15/03N2B
Leeds Unive24
Newcastle A0

Wed 15/03M2B
Oxford BrooVS.

Wed 15/03M2B

Wed 15/03M1A
Nottingham 68

Wed 15/03PE1
Newcastle TVS.
Coleg y Cym

Wed 15/03PE1
Halifax ERAVS.
Wakefield C

Wed 15/03PE1
Furness RaiVS.
New College

Wed 15/03PE1
Hopwood Hal48

Wed 15/03M2A
Nottingham VS.
Oxford Broo

Wed 15/03M2A
Oxford Broo76
Nottingham 0

Wed 15/03CUP
St John Rig6
New College48

Wed 15/03PE1
Bristol AcaVS.
Bishop Burt

Wed 15/03N1A
Sheffield H16

Fri 17/03M2A

Wed 22/03NE1
Calderdale VS.
Leeds City

Wed 22/03NE1
Kirklees CoVS.
Greenhead C

Wed 22/03NW2
Hopwood HalVS.
Salford Red

Wed 22/03NW2
Moreton Rug6
Carmel Coll50

Wed 22/03NW2
Oldham 6th 0
Warrington 30

Wed 22/03NW2
St John RigVS.
Priestley C

Wed 22/03NW2
Salford Cit30
The Rugby L0

Wed 22/03NW2
Runshaw ColVS.
Cronton Col

Wed 22/03NW2
Winstanley 30
Wigan Warri0

Wed 22/03NW2
Wigan & LeiVS.
Cowley Sixt

Wed 22/03PE1
Coleg y Cym58
Bristol Aca24


Page title The Summer Switch
WRL Scrums Down with Beach Rugby Wales

WRL Scrums Down with Beach Rugby Wales

02nd March 2017, 18:59

Wales Rugby League are delighted to announce a new association with Beach Rugby Wales ahead of their 2017 tournament on Saturday 22nd July in Swansea Bay.


The new partnership will aim to grow and promote Rugby League across Wales as well as develop opportunities for players and the public to become qualified Wales Rugby League Referees.


Another aim is to help Wales Rugby League grow their base of players, both male and female. It is a World Cup year for the National Side, Students and Wheelchair team so it's an exciting time, and the Swansea-based Beach Rugby are set to get behind the national teams.


In turn, Wales Rugby League will help co-ordinate the event, provide training to referees to become rugby league qualified match officials as well as attend the day and promote rugby league to those attending.


Beach Rugby Wales founder Ashleigh Walters said: "We are delighted to be working with the WRL Governing Body.


"It's been a long time since Wales Rugby League has come to Swansea city itself. We remember the old matches at the Vetch Field back in the 1990s, which is just 100 metres from our sandy stadium. It's also a great opportunity to open the doors to over 50 clubs which will hopefully help grow the rugby league game in Wales and further afield.


"The new association will also be a great opportunity for both parties to speak with potential new and current partners and grow their commercial arm especially with the successful corporate competition at Beach Rugby Wales.


Sponsors can enjoy a great day out playing against other businesses whilst enjoying a beer with their staff and families.


"Beach Rugby Wales is played mainly by union sides, invitational teams and groups of friends, but the style of play is physical touch, so it fits well with the physical rugby league brand and shows how great an event it is to have the national governing body of Wales Rugby League come on board."


WRL National Development Manager Idris Evans is excited with the prospect of rugby league taking to the sand:


“Gareth, Ashleigh and I have been working on this venture for some time now and the WRL are really excited to be getting involved with this prestigious event.  Beach Rugby is basically rugby league without as much physicality so it ties in great with our laws of the game and match officials / referees.”


“The event falls right in the middle of our season so we’re hoping to get some clubs along and have some fun, the day will provide us with a great opportunity to spread the word of rugby league in South Wales and specifically the Swansea area.”


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of, or competitor in Beach Rugby Wales 2017, please get in touch by emailing Beach Rugby Wales Commercial Director Gareth Howells at or by calling 07974873683.


You can still sign up to play at Beach Rugby Wales by visiting or visit @BeachRugbyWales on Twitter for more information.


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